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Flipbooks are undoubtedly the next frontier in digital publishing. With many a free flipbook creator now turning to this format to add a bit of pizzazz to your marketing materials. The format also works well for a number of different purposes, from portfolios to catalogs. It’s no wonder they’re growing in popularity at such a rapid rate!
If you like many others are considering leveraging the potential of flipbooks to boost your profile, you’ll certainly be looking for a free flipbook creator that meets your needs. But how can you choose from the dozens of options on the web? Here are five things you should consider when making that all-important choice.

Features of a free flipbook creator

Does the free flipbook creator you’re thinking of opting for have the features that you need to create the flipbook you’re imagining? Many of the free versions have some restriction which prevents users accessing the full set of features unless they purchase the premium version, so it’s always worth checking beforehand that the software you’ve chosen will allow you to create the flipbook you want.

Many of the free flipbook creators out there are trial versions of premium software – and there are time limits in place to prevent people from taking advantage of the free flipbook creator. If the free trial is only one week long and you feel you might need longer to really get your flipbook looking perfect, perhaps it’s worth looking for another solution – or creating your flipbook in PDF format first, then using a converter to achieve the appropriate results.

Publishing Format

The most suitable format to publish your finished flipbook is HTML5 – this ensures it can be viewed across all devices responsibly. Some free trial versions or basic PDF to flipbook converters only allow users to publish their flipbook as a Flash file, and this could limit the number of users who will see your finished flipbook. Flash as a platform is being phased out by tech giants like Google and Apple, so it’s certainly wise to look to the future and ensure you can publish in a format that will be viewable for years to come.

Other restrictions

Sometimes there will be restrictions in place which will prevent you from creating the flipbook you need. For example, some of the free flipbook software out there only allows users to create 10 or 15 pages of content. This won’t be much use if you’re looking to create a product catalogue or an extensive magazine! Make sure the restrictions on the free flipbook creator you’ve chosen won’t have an impact on your end product.

Publishing platform

Some flipbook creators, like Yumpu Publishing, come with their very own digital publishing platform that can increase your finished flipbook’s exposure online. However, this isn’t suitable for all flipbooks – some are created as members-only documents, and some are intended to be seen by certain demographics only. Consider before you choose your platform whether you want your flipbook published online for all to see, or whether you want to be in full control over the distribution of your content.



Last modified: May 7, 2024

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