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The web is packed with flip bookmakers, with free and premium versions of both. Here at Flipbook Software, we’re aiming to investigate, test, and review each of them to help those interested in creating flipbooks make the right decision regarding their software. Today we’re taking a look at Yumpu Publishing – a flip book maker free version, which offers a multitude of features and tools to help you get your flip book looking exactly as you pictured it. Let’s take a look at Yumpu Publishing in some more detail.

The basics

The software is actually a digital publishing platform that allows you to transform your plain old PDFs into stylish flip books, which anyone can then flip through at their leisure. A form of ‘digital newsstand’, this new publisher is already home to around 20m magazines, portfolios, catalogs, and eBooks – and the number is growing fast, as this content format grows in popularity. Yumpu Publishing has millions of users across the globe, so if you’re hoping that web users will stumble across your flip book while browsing, you’re in luck with this platform. The software flip book maker free version is perfectly sufficient for this.

How the flip book maker free works?

Yumpu Publishing functions as a simple PDF to flip book converter, with a built-in editor that allows you to tweak your content and ensure it’s optimized for flip book viewing. For example, it comes with a variety of powerful features that allow users to add links, audio, or video to their flip book. You can also add stylish animations to ensure every page turn is beautiful and memorable. External links can also be embedded, which is ideal for catalogs and magazines, taking users to product pages and making it easier for them to purchase any items they’ve spotted in the flip book.

The benefits of the flip book maker free version

Yumpu Publishing creates flip books that are entirely responsive, which means they look fantastic on any device, whether it’s a smartphone, a tablet, or a regular desktop computer. With so much web traffic on mobile nowadays, content creators simply can’t afford to exclude this massive audience. Therefore, having flip books that are responsive is a real bonus.

The software also offers Google Analytics integration, which is an invaluable resource for those who carefully monitor their metrics and leverage the data to make improvements. As a side note, the software flip books are also optimized for SEO purposes, so if you’re working hard to get your website ranking for certain keywords, a flip book could be the magic ingredient that pushes you onto that first page.

Social sharing is also an important part of Yumpu Publishing’s service. You can share your flip books on social media, and if a user stumbles across your creation on the Yumpu Publishing site, they can share it with their own followers and friends, too. If you create content that is useful and informative enough, it may well gain enough social traction to spread to an enormous audience using only the power of social media. Impressive!

The premium version

Many pieces of flip book software have a flip book maker-free and premium version. The premium version of Yumpu Publishing gives you access to things like a WEBKiosk for your magazines and a distinct lack of advertisements that make flip book creation even more streamlined and efficient. Therefore, it is more advanced than the flip book maker free version, but if you do not need these features, then the free version will be sufficient for you.


Last modified: May 7, 2024

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