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Determining which are the best flipbook software programs out there is no easy task. Therefore, we left Google to determine the answer! So, these programs may not be the best flipbook software per se, but these are the highest-ranking results in a Google search for flipbook software. This article is designed as an overview of these software programs to see what features they offer and whether they are paid programs and what features they offer. We will take a look at some of the individual programs in more depth at a later date. These are not in any particular order, but just how we came across them.

3d Issue

This company is not even on the first page of Google (at the time of writing) on organic listings, but they seem to have a strong PPC campaign, so we thought we would check it out. Their landing page is nice and clean and straight to the point. This doesn’t suggest they are the best flipbook software out there, but they definitely take their product seriously.

It has a big call to action that takes you straight to the download page for the product and you can have a 14-day free trial. However, their main flipbook page is accessed via the logo.

It seems as it is a very professional platform and doesn’t hold back on its features, but is expensive at a starting price of $499, which is just the Lite package.

3d Issue has a whole range of services, including building your own apps, (which are priced separately), so are not just a company that makes flipbook software.


Flipping Book

Flipping Book is all about converting PDFs into flipbooks and doesn’t appear to have the facility to build a book from scratch. However, it is great for business purposes as it allows you to completely white-label your flipbooks and adds your own logo. What is great about their website is that they show examples of classic books as flipbooks, which we haven’t really seen elsewhere.

For example, here is an example of an algebra textbook! Considering it is 709 pages, it would be a beast to carry around, so thank goodness for flipbooks!

Flipping Book is available as both a subscription-based service and as desktop software. The monthly subscription ($49 per month) has limited features, but if you just want to publish standard flipbooks online, you can publish an unlimited number within this price.



The FlipSnack website is basically like a portfolio of their customers’ flipbooks, so it offers very little information into the features and perks of signing up to FlipSnack. However, there is a free option, which is always a great start, so anyone can sign up, try it out and see if they like it.

They have an option to upload pre-existing files or create a flipbook from scratch, both of which are possible with a free account. You are limited to creating three short flipbooks, but it is great if you just have a couple of showcases. You can then embed it into a site, but FlipSnack’s watermark will be present with the free account.

FlipSnack does have a blog though, which is great to draw inspiration from and get tips on various flipbook matters. This is probably another reason why they rank highly in Google as one of the best flipbook software.



Similar to FlipSnack, AnyFlip offers both a paid for and free option with regards to accounts. As a general comparison, the AnyFlip free option seems to have more features. It also offers a download version so you can use it on your Mac/PC.

It creates flipbooks in both Flash and HTML5 and allows you to embed a nice virtual bookshelf onto your website to display all your flipbooks.

Even the premium versions at $15 and $25 a month seem to offer a great deal of value compared to other programs which are charging a lot more for similar features. When it boasts clients such as AirBnB and Dell, then it does make you think that they must be offering something decent, for giants such as those to consider them one of the best flipbook software.



With a slick website, this flipbook software looked promising upon clicking their link. Immediately there was also a button which said “Quick Upload”. We were wondering just how quick this process would be, so thought we would sign up and check it out.

We signed up, picked a PDF, uploaded it, clicked all the default options and we had a flipbook, within 30 seconds! Check out the result here:

Whatever your needs, there are a ton of various flipbook software out there and we will review many of them in detail. However, this shows you how easy it is to create a flipbook within seconds and share it with the world. Which one is the best flipbook software program? We will leave you to decide…


Last modified: May 7, 2024

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    Hello! You should take a look at! It is a very nice flipbook software!

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      Thanks for this Elena! We will check it out and may also make a review on it. Have you tried any other flipbook software? Do you just use free flipbook software or premium ones too?